About us

The School of Symphonic Music of Pérez Zeledón was founded in 1994 as a project of the National University, with the objective of providing musical training opportunities to children and young people of the region. For its operation, in 1996, the Asociación Escuela de Música Sinfónica de Pérez Zeledón was constituted, which has the support of the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón and the Ministry of Public Education, who together with the Universidad Nacional provide the economic and human resources for the normal development of its activities.

The School of Symphonic Music was born as an initiative of the academic Wilberth Vargas Guerrero. The first classes were held in the facilities of the Pedro Pérez Zeledón School with a population of 60 students between children and young people, attended academically by five teachers in elementary areas such as music reading, complementary instruments (recorder, singing, guitar) and symphonic instruments.

Currently (2024) the enrollment is 242 young students between 5 and 18 years old, who receive a comprehensive training in theoretical, practical, instrumental and ensemble subjects. The training processes are taught by 19 professors specialized in the teaching and execution of different symphonic instruments. Administrative support is provided by five staff members in coordination and management functions, one janitorial worker, and one maintenance worker, for a total staff of 26 direct workers.  It has 9 symphonic ensembles from initial ensembles to intermediate level ensembles maintaining a high level of execution. Since 2014 we are located on the campus of the National University, Brunca Region, in a new building designed for the teaching of music.

The teaching and learning strategy of the school is characterized by its constructivist character. Through music, the school seeks to instill in young people values such as discipline, respect, companionship and honesty; this allows them to enter positively in the academic and labor field, since most students who decide to pursue studies do so with outstanding admission grades in prestigious national and international universities. There is also the possibility for graduates to become music education teachers, thanks to an agreement with the Ministry of Public Education, which accredits them as Music Technicians.

In the course of time the school has positioned itself locally and nationally as a prestigious institution, as a result of the staging of numerous concerts, recitals and the development of workshops in different rural communities of the Brunca Region.

In our school we train students with a high level in instrumental performance, as well as in the subjects related to music, which allows us to perform at a high level, offer concerts for personal enjoyment and raise the cultural spirit of our population. In this way we have brought about the decentralization of systematized musical culture, which until now was reserved for the population of the Central Valley of Costa Rica.