The admission process aims to evaluate and select students who wish to join the Symphony Music School of Pérez Zeledón. It is conducted in November each year, and the admitted students begin their academic cycle in March of the following year. Currently, this admission process is carried out as follows:


  1. The Directorate assigns different admission committees, and each committee is responsible for conducting an aptitude test for children and young people interested in joining the School. This test consists of the applicant imitating small melodies and rhythms they hear, achieving at least eighty percent (80%) accuracy as a minimum grade. 
  2. Each committee will consist of two or three people, including professors, assistants, and the General Director or Academic Deputy Director when necessary. 
  3. The test is divided into three sections: rhythmic, melodic, and coordinated, and each section will be evaluated independently from 1 to 10. 
  4. The committee has full autonomy to assess and determine whether the applicant is qualified to move on to the second stage of admission. 
  5. The Admission Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, executing, supervising, and evaluating all actions of the process, and at the end, presenting a final report to the General Directorate for the approval of the results, so that the list of applicants who scored more than eighty percent in the test can be published. 
  6. The aptitude test will only be valid for accessing the introductory course for the upcoming academic year.


  1. Once the first stage is passed, admitted students must take an introductory course lasting at least one week, in which they will be given the basic principles of music reading, to assess the attitudes and aptitudes of the children and young applicants aiming to become regular students of the Symphony Music School of Pérez Zeledón. 
  2. This course will be taught by professors and assistants assigned by the General Directorate. 
  3. The organization of the different groups is done according to age and musical aptitude. The professors and assistants responsible for the Introductory Course groups will evaluate the students daily in the rhythmic, melodic, and coordinated sections. The evaluation will be graded as follows: Exam 50%, Classwork 40%, Dictations 10%. It should be noted that if the student is absent twice during the Introductory Course, they will fail. 
  4. At the end of the Introductory Course, an individual exam will be held, with a jury assigned by the Directorate, to evaluate the performance. If the student achieves a general average of 80 to 100, they can be considered as admitted students, according to the admission quota established each year. The admission grade cutoff is determined by the School's budgetary and physical space possibilities. 
  5. If the student does not attend the final exam of the Introductory Course on the scheduled day and time, they will lose the right to take it, except for duly justified force majeure situations. 
  6. The test scores will be given to the guardians, who will be summoned to the first meeting of new students' parents to communicate the instructions for the academic year. 
  7. Upon passing the Introductory Course, students will have the opportunity to enroll in February, according to the enrollment calendar, to become regular students of the Symphony Music School of Pérez Zeledón. 
  8. The Introductory Course will have an economic value previously set by the Board of Directors. 
  9. In case of force majeure situations, the Introductory Course may be omitted, and the admission of students will be established by the aptitude test. 
  10. If the applicant passes the Introductory Course but does not enroll the following year, the course grade will be valid for one year, so the next year, they will not have to take the course again and can enroll in the next period.