Special programs


This course is aimed at children who are studying at elementary levels, receiving workshops in singing, recorder, and body expression.

This course consists of one week of work, culminating in a public demonstration of what has been learned during the course.

Only regularly admitted students of the School of Music participate in this course, which is taught by professors and assistants from our institution.


It is generally held at locations outside the institution for a full week, culminating in a concert with the ensembles that participated in the camp.

This camp is attended by students who are part of the ensembles.

This camp can accept students from other conservatories or universities around the world who want to have an experience with excellent Costa Rican teachers in percussion, winds, and strings.


The Symphony Music School of Pérez Zeledón offers online open courses for children and adults.

Covering each of the instrument families taught at our institution, with the best teachers. These courses are open to the general public, starting from a basic level and progressing to an advanced level.

Take advantage of the opportunity with our open courses and learn about the wonderful world of music.